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Crab-eating Racoon, Mapache, Achuni - RainForest Expeditions

Crab-eating Racoon, Mapache, Achuni

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Crab-eating Racoon.jpg
Name Crab-eating Racoon
Scientific Name Procyon crancrivorus


  1. Size 80cm. Weight 8kg.
  2. Brown or grayish brown, short and dense hair. Underparts lighter.
  3. Just like a racoon, black mask on their eyes.
  4. Their tail has rings. They have much shorter hair than their cousins the raccoons, and are slightly larger.

Habitat: Feeds on acuatic invertebrates like molluscs, crabs and even fish; some anphibians and insects.

Location: Nocturnal and solitary. Terrestrial, generally near bodies of water but they climb well. During day they rest in tree holes

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