Tangarana Ants

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Tangarana ants.jpg
Name Tangarana Ants
Scientific Name Pseudomyrmex dendroicus


  1. You going to fin don the triplaris tree.
  2. When they attack bite and stink leke wasp.
  3. Head and abdomen black and the rest of the body redish.

Habitat:Inside Tangarana trees.


  • APA:In Dokuey around pond and trail to 3 Chimbadas lake. In Enawoy.
  • ARA:Trail to tower
  • TRC:Trail C

Pseudomyrmex dendroicus (tangarana ants) creates clearings around their host tree Triplaris americana. This benefits the plant in its competition for light and soil nutrients with neighboring plants and reduces the posibility of invasion of other ants (for the separaion of plants). Pseudomyrmex cuts the leaves stems of other plants that touch their host. They even cut their own host stems if they are forming a bridge that facilitates invasions. Inside Triplaris there are scaleback insects of the order Homoptera that suck the sap and produce a sweet "syrup" that ants eat.

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